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How can I dispose of my furniture, leaves, brush, and other bulky items?

Bulky items include lamps, telephones, small hand appliances, clothes, buckets, plastic containers. Place at the curb (yard side) for collection on the same day as your household garbage. Miscellaneous items resulting from cleaning your garage, attic, storage shed, or closet are picked up with your regular garbage. The Town does not pick up construction material debris. Residents that contract with licensed arborists or tree removal services shall be solely responsible for hauling and disposing of tree trimming and brush. The Town will not haul debris from these activities.

The extent of such Town collection service shall not include major deposits of unwanted or abandoned furniture, appliances or incidentals related to construction projects. The Town picks up items such as these at least once a year. The Town will schedule the date or dates a month in advance. Do not put this type of trash out until the week of pickup, or you may be subject to a fine. For more information on additional pickup(s) at a cost to the resident, contact Town Hall.

Town Hall 828 295-5200

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